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Welcome Provides Participating Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies with the opportunity to communicate with Hospital Pharmacists in the UK.

Market Research
Gather market intelligence quickly and easily on-line through our large resource of Hospital Pharmacists. Our internal team has extensive Market Research experience.
Banner Advertising
Raise awareness, its that simple. PharmiWeb has banner advertising opportunities in,, Depending upon your target audience we can provide the solution.
Get your message into the inbox of Hospital Pharmacists. The newsletter goes out to over 500 UK Hospital Pharmacists, we also have other newsletters that go out to other groups of users, or we can build a target list based on your requirements.
Storefront (company and product)
Promote your organisation and increase sales by placing a storefront within; the ideal platform, and visible only to pharmacists who are logged in..
MicroSite (company)
A microsite within gives you a presence, and an opportunity to promote.
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CPD sponsorship
Do you have educational material that you would like Pharmacists to see? Add it to our forthcoming CPD section. If you would like to sponsor an educational element, contact us.
If you have a specific objective, speak with us and we can put together a campaign using our on and off-line expertise.
Sponsor a Therapy Area
Become the name associated with your therapy area. Sponsor and develop a community of healthcare professionals in our new therapy area sections within

...of course, this is only a small selection of ways we can help. Contact us for more information.


“…this effective online channel for information, sales and support, will play a key role in helping us reach and support our secondary & tertiary care customer base”
Paul Greenland, Director, Amgen
“You seemed to have managed to cover the essential topics areas with great clarity and thought”
Alan Karr, UCLH

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PharmiWeb are Microsoft Certified Partners
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